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Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren discusses the road through higher education, what is "middle class," and financial distress.  Though a liberal, she has done research on the "two income trap" which has shown that for large numbers of families, the circa 1970 one income family was as financially secure or better than the typical 2004 two income family, at

However, George Mason U. Prof. Todd Zywicki in Aug. 2007 and Sept. 30, 2010 essays in the WSJ, says she leaves out key facts about the role of huge tax increases in stressing the circa 2004 families.
An MIT physics professor explains how to make teaching mathematics, and using "tension," history, and graphics to help students understand and better remember what they learn in mathematics. Lectures 1 & 2 at:

See also the related lectures 3, and 4 from the "5.95J Teaching College-Level Science ..." series.
At UC Berkeley, author Mark Stein discusses education, history, and why current affairs and knowing about the Middle East, Europe and demographics is crucial:
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