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Action plans - tailored to each family:
1. Scholarship credits, at age 1 or older.
2. Innovative ways to save for college.
3. Considering ALL money sources.
4. School (& college) course enhancing of student's current studies!
5.  Bold innovations to improve essays.
6. Unique activities & extracurricular.
7. Setting yourself apart; colleges most valuing your unique resume.   
8. Parent mentoring plans.
9. Leveraging community service with academic implication follow-up.
10. Best practices talent-career assessment.
11. Earning money with academic learning! Special summer applications.
12. Better managing all the roles: school & college counselors, references, etc.
13. College visit strategies (Vital steps not mentioned by colleges!)
14. Better college comparisons. (What's missing in "best college" resources).
15. FAFSA & CSS aid forms completion.
16. Financial Aid maximization with financial planning scenarios - college variances.
17. SAT/ACT, etc. best test preparation.
18. Special cases: home schooling, disability, special sport talent.
19. Administration, deadlines, managing all the moving parts.
20. Leveraging our long experience with students & college acceptance criteria to help negotiate & optimize scholarship offers.
21. Case by case strategizing & more!

Reasons to retain an advisor:
1. A third party advisor role can create inertia to meet goals even for highly accomplished families.
2. Benefit from our team's real experience with thousands of students since 1993.
3. Optimizing the huge investment in college is worth having advisors to assist you.
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