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10 tips to prepare your child for college...For Larger Scholarships!

The Stakes Are High

Ideal Goals

Less Than Ideal Reality


1. Bold Strategies For Better Savings & Funding

2. Advanced College Planning

3. Summary of Vital Services

 The Stakes Are High
Students can invest 7000+ unpaid hours in class lectures & study to obtain a degree, & $100,000 to $250,000 in lost wages and tuition. Making optimal college planning decisions would thus be very important.
Ideal Goals
Families want most or all of the following:
1. The resume', funds, and wisdom to get into, & obtain the most value out of, a best-fit college.
2. Graduation in 4 years or less with the least debt.
3. Children with the vision & discipline to be the best in a career, & to be an asset to their family and community.
4. Children living on their own but with an appreciation for & commanding knowledge of traditions they were raised with.
Less Than Ideal Reality
Inspiring exceptions exist, but some of these can occur:
1. Students/parents have over $68,000 in college related debt.
2. Many students take 6.5 years to graduate instead of 3 to 4.
3. Students can end up changing majors and colleges.
4. Half of students return home, unable to afford living independently.
5. Half of students pay loans over very long periods often because "career" jobs are unrelated to their majors or are low paying.
6. Some students have taken on values adversarial to, or missed learning scholarly & life changing defenses of, their family traditions. 

From the high school sophomore year onward, implement proven ("Best Practices") steps necessary to maximize the chance of obtaining the best awards and financial terms at priority colleges. Call us at 1-800-660-0850 or go to our partner site at, one of the oldest non-profit college planners in the U.S.
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